The United States Air Force (USAF) proposes to permanently beddown 5th generation Formal Training Unit (FTU) fighter aircraft at Langley Air Force Base (AFB), VA and/or Eglin AFB, FL.

In response to the devastating impacts from Hurricane Michael to Tyndall AFB, FL, the Air Force consulted with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and requested emergency alternative arrangements for compliance with NEPA, in accordance with CEQ Regulation 40 CFR 1506.11. The resulting destruction at Tyndall AFB displaced the Air Force’s only F-22 FTU, consisting of F-22 and T-38 aircraft, and exacerbated the current pilot manning shortage, which presented significant national security implications. On December 21, 2018, CEQ approved alternative arrangements to allow the Air Force to comply with NEPA and temporarily restore training of replacement pilots for the F-22 FTU. A special environmental assessment (EA) was prepared for the interim relocation of F-22 and T-38 aircraft from Tyndall AFB to Eglin AFB and a Record of Decision (ROD) was signed on April 30, 2019. The alternative arrangements also required the Air Force to undertake an EIS for the permanent beddown of the F-22 FTU as soon as possible and to issue a Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an EIS by no later than April 1, 2019. The Air Force issued the NOI in the Federal Register (FR) on March 26, 2019 (FR 84[58]: 11289-11290, March 26, 2019).

The EIS will analyze alternatives and the potential environmental consequences of the proposal to permanently beddown 5th generation FTU aircraft at Langley AFB and/or Eglin AFB. The Proposed Action for this EIS will include the beddown of additional 5th generation FTU fighter aircraft and an associated increase in operations, logistics and maintenance activities. It will also include some construction, renovation and demolition to ensure the aircraft have adequate facilities. The alternatives being evaluated in the EIS include Alternative 1, permanently relocating the F-22 training mission from Eglin AFB, FL to Langley AFB, VA. Under Alternative 1 there would be two sub-alternatives based on whether the associated aircraft squadrons and maintenance would occupy existing buildings or whether new facilities would be constructed at Langley AFB. A second alternative, Alternative 2, will evaluate the beddown of 5th generation FTU fighter aircraft at Eglin AFB. A No Action Alternative will also be evaluated, which consists of continuing operations of the training aircraft at their current locations.

The EIS will identify and evaluate potential impacts of all alternatives to land use, airspace, safety, noise, hazardous materials and solid waste, earth resources, water resources, air quality, cultural resources, biological resources, socioeconomics, and environmental justice.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center will be managing the EIS efforts on behalf of the Air Force. Other Air Force stakeholders will include Air Force Materiel Command , Air Combat Command, Air Education and Training Command, the 43rd Fighter Squadron, the 2nd Fighter Squadron, the 325th Training Support Squadron, and each installation potentially impacted by the Proposed Action, namely, Langley AFB, Eglin AFB, and Tyndall AFB.

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